Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suprise Research - Eating while gaming makes you FAT

Hi all readers, I just read through a newspaper article this morning. And this article caught my attention. Scientists from University of Bistol UK found that you will gain more weight while you are eating while playing game on your computer. This results directly show that the risk of getting overweight is getting higher for techie generation as well as hardcore online gamers. It has significant accosiation between concentration and appetiate. I think the last fact summarize our curiousity, “Memory and eating behaviors affect our food portions”.  I think is true, we tend to forget how much we take and drink when we are addicted to certain activities. So I should not turn on my TV too during my dinner hour and enjoy my meal well =).

如果不想变胖子,最好别边吃饭边玩电脑。英国一项研究说, 吃饭最好远离电脑,因为会分散注意力,导致吃入更多食物,增加肥胖风险。 这理论是因为边玩电脑边吃饭的人和专心吃饭的人相比,更不记得自己吃了什么。

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