Monday, December 13, 2010

Eggs (Tips for Omega 3 usage)

When you walked around a mall, normally you will find Omega-3 eggs in food department. Lots of people say Omega3 is good for health so people won't feel hesitate to buy one or two trail every time. My opinion is Omega 3 is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid which is essential for body that our body unable to produce by ourself. Rich Omega-3 fatty acid can reduce the risk of blood clots that block arteries that connect to our heart. However, an Omega-3 egg has 6 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acid than regular egg but it also contain the same amount of cholesterol as regular egg. Actually 1 egg contains 213 mg cholesterol and the total cholesterol that we need in one day is just 300mg (this applies for Omega-3 egg too). So folks, remember consume Omega-3 according to the proper amount weekly (around 3 eggs which I suggest for normal adult to avoid high cholesterol in future).

有人会问我现在市场上售卖的是 Omega-3 鸡蛋,那我可以每天吃吗?因为听说对心脏有益哦!现在,让我为你们揭开谜题吧!Omega-3是一种多元不饱和脂肪,对人体很重要的脂肪。吃含有 Omega-3 的食物可有效地降低血管阻塞的问题,从而减低心脏病的问题。Omega-3鸡蛋含有高出普通鸡蛋六倍的 Omega-3.但是,我还是要提醒你们 Omega-3鸡蛋也跟普通鸡蛋一样含有同等份量的胆固醇。因此,要记住适量的才能够带来健康,过量只会是负担。


  1. Is it bad towards our health to consume to much of Omega-3 fatty acid??

  2. Normally I will suggest patient to differ egg yolk and egg white, as the cholesterol contains in Omega-3 egg yolk is similar as normal egg too. According to a study of nutrient database, egg yolk contains 3 times cholesterol more than egg white for an egg, so that explains why we need to plan a proper amount weekly.